All Star Wars Battlefront II Special Characters Revealed In Tweet

EA recently tweeted about the newly revealed Special Characters, who stood in between the heroes and the trooper classes and could change the whole game.

Here’s what EA tweeted about:

This tweet gives you all the 4 special characters that are going to be present in the game.

The first one in the upper left is a white, fully armored First Order Flametrooper with a ready-to-kill Flamethrower in his hand.

Get To Know More About Flametroopers

Flametroopers are Star Wars characters whose body is covered with flame-proof armor and are equipped with the D-93 Flamethrower which is the standard kit of flamethrower.

Used in breaking resistance and fleeing the opponents, these troops are commonly combined with infantry to kill fleeing opponents while the flames guard the infantry.

The 2nd on in the upper-right is a B2 Rocket Droid, an airborne mass destruction special character.

Learn more about B2 Rocket Droid

B2 Rocket Droid or B2-RP Battle Droid are droids with jetpack and blasters. They also have repulsorlifts, a technology that could let something float against the planet’s gravity. These droids are weapons of mass destruction and can infiltrate enemy ships.

The 3rd in the lower left is the Wookie….. A hairy, not-much armored character ith a xbow in his hand.

Get To Know More About Wookie

The Wookies are tall and hairy humanoids who are quite strong and are known to rip people’s arms from their sockets.

They are intelligent, loyal, sophisticated and trusting and can grow to a height of 3 metres. They can understand different languages but cannot speak them.

At last in the lower right is the Deathtrooper who is known to do justice to his name.

Get To Know The Deathtrooper

With black suits and specialised helmets which scrambled verbal communications, the deathtroopers are used to carry out commando missions and are experts in not leaving any evidences.

They are trained sniping, heavy weapons and unarmed combat. They are also known to wield SE-14r light repeating blasters, E-11Ds, long-range blaster rifles similar to the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, and C-25 fragmentation grenades.


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