What Made EA Choose James Harden As NBA Live 18 Cover Star ?

EA is a company which is very open to it’s fans. After it revealed James Harden as the cover star of it’s upcoming game – NBA Live 18, it gave it’s explanation to what made James fit for the position.

EA described James Harden as a wholly unique individual who has always been true to himself and has reached his current popularity level through his skill and authenticity. Harden is also described as one with fierce competitive nature and intense dedication to the sport, which makes him an important part of the game’s The One mode not only for Houston fans but also for the whole world.

When the mic went to Harden, he told everyone about his excitement for being selected as the cover star and for getting an opportunity to work with EA Sports.

The solely elected cover star identified the game right, as one which focussed on letting players create their own identity and leaving a mark on others in the league. He related himself to these feature of NBA Live 18 and called himself a powerhouse of creativity.

In Harden’s own words, “When I heard about working with EA SPORTS and being the cover athlete of NBA LIVE 18, I was pretty excited for the opportunity. NBA LIVE 18 is all about creating your own identity and making your mark on the league, and I can definitely relate to that. If anybody knows about creativity, it’s me.”

EA identified Harden as starting his carreer by becoming the first player ever drafted by Oklahoma City Thunder. He joined Houston in 2012 and since then has been a powerhouse in the league, “finishing his first season with an average of 25.9 points and 5.8 assists per game, and growing into a perennial all-star and one of the league’s most-dominant players,” which leaves EA with no reason for not choosing him as the cover star of NBA Live 18.

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