Need For Speed Payback Car Classes Give Way To More Demand of Customised Dream Builds

Need For Speed Payback has just revealed the car classes feature. Now cars will be having a unique class, which will greatly affect the car’s attributes.

There will be 5 classes all together. Car class will be determined at the point of purchase. But not all cars can choose to become any one of the 5 classes. According to the game devs, the freedom to become any one of the 5 classes is with the Derelict cars ( the cars which are made from scratch ), whereas most cars will have the ability to chose one from 2-3 classes.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Car Classes:


The most important element of a car collection is the Race class. Built with keeping in mind the tarmac, the Race class cars are allrounders, perfect for Street Races. Speed, turns and cornering are the features of a street race and that’s what these cars master at….


When leaving behind the tarmac an moving ahead to sand, dirt and uneveness, the Offroad’s your best partner. These car classes are the best option to maintain speed even in offroad surfaces while not letting you slow down when in air or landing with their great stability and recovery features.


Forget all the features of the last 2 classes… Add up all your points to the straight-line speed and this is what you get. No CORNERING !! No TURNS !!! Only SPEED !!! Add some extra powerful nitrous or the ability to perform a wheelie to get a rocket-like speed and a sight worth observing !!!


Different from the other classes, this classed cars can neither go to an excellent speed nor good at standard turns…. But these cars are best in doing something else ? And that’s ….. throwing themselves sideways while making quick alternating turns in rapid succession at decent speed…. Mountain roads are going to witness their signatures as these cars leave their tire’s tracks all over their way……


When taking a break from racing, yo might want to do some RUNNING….. These runner classes are used for doing special jobs. These visually appearing cars have better paint job, lowered height, black rims, tinted windows and wide track width. They are agile, precise and have good landing stability…… Along with the absence of LICENSE PLATES !!!! Now you might have understood that They Are Great At Getting Away From The COPS !!

Car Classes are definitely going to increase demand of Customised Dream Builds of different classes and you would definitely want to have more builds of each class, rather than aiming to get the last position while competing with the wrongly classed car……


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