FIFA 18 Crowd And Pitch Side Elements Are Definitely Going To Make You Want To Score More

Who doesn’t wants to Score ?? Everyone wants to !!! But this time EA will make it’s fans want to score MORE and MORE even MORE than ever !!!

EA’s revealing of Crowd and Pitch Side Elements are really a great addition to the game taking the game a step ahead of just being a “Game”.

The Crowd and Pitch Side Elements video released by EA via a tweet tells about new, better and high resolution stadium and crowd which are definitely to enhance the gameplay experience !!

The stadium is, as shown in the video, LOOKING AWESOME !!! It’s better designed, has better resolution and REALLY REAL-looking !!!

Then comes the Crowd Behaviour, which is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss when you score a goal. The Crowd also has a better resolution. It has new crowd behaviours along with regionalisation. Scoring now would matter more than ever to make your fans come on their feets…

Along with crowd behaviours, something’s added more !! Guess what ???? ……. FIFA 18 will now allow your fans to take part in CELEBRATIONS with your Players TOO !!! The video shows your players running towards the crowd, interacting with them and sharing their happiness as they score a goal.

Pitch-side elements is also something that’s added in this game. The video shows an Ambulance, a car and some other Pitch-side elements, which might definitely attract your attention st some point or other in the game.

Before the end of the video, what also was revealed was on-pitch graphics which was clearly the score being displayed on the pith at kick-off.

The video ends with the cover star Ronaldo running towards the crowd and performing his signature celebration……

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