Lev Yashin ( the Black Spider ) Could Be FUT 18’s Highest Rated Goalkeeper, FUT Icon’s Card Revealed

Lev Yashin is one of the best goalkeepers, the football world has ever seen. The number of goals he saved clearly depict his skills and why he is also known as the Black Spider.

Lev Yashin was announced as one of the FUT Icons along with Maradona, Pele, etc, and recently EA revealed his FUT card along with teasing the fact that he may be the highest rated goalkeeper in FUT this year.

His card shows his great goalkeeping skills with his diving and reflexes being rated 93. Though he falls back a little due to his lower speed but he still manages to enter the 90+ list with an overall rating of 91.

Yashin was ( and is ) considered a legend, and many still have a belief that currently top goalkeepers like Buffon and Neuer have no match with his skills. So there’s a high possibility that EA is making him the highest rated goalkeeper in FUT this year.

When this guy stands between the two poles in your side guarding the net, you could really rely upon him to save the goals while you just need to focus on your attack.

So who wouldn’t want to have this guy at the GK position in your squad ??


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